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Thank you for visiting, the home of WHEELER DEALER and AUTOS UNLIMITED!

Since 1977 we were then what today might be considered the modern day internet. We brought buyers and sellers together through our publications (WHEELER DEALER, AUTOS UNLIMITED) via the newsstands, nationwide. When we had no computers, internet or modern day websites, all we had were magazines to get out what we had to sell to buyers, and we were there. We continue that purpose and commitment to our readers, buyers and sellers today. We were one of the first then and today still strive to give you what we gave you then, bringing buyers and sellers together, through our magazines and now our website We were there then, now, and will be in the future. We can give you what we gave you then, and more.

We will bring you and your vehicle, or what you have to sell, to our readers and Web Site audience, together. Through our publications and websites, you will find buyers for what you have to sell and sellers who want to buy. Our magazines are distributed Nationwide and Canada via the newsstand and Worldwide through our internet Websites. We have distributed millions of magazines and have had millions upon millions of hits to our Websites. We can deliver what you need, whether buying or selling. I give you my personal guarantee, as Owner/Publisher and 40+ year auto enthusiast.


Jeff C. Nagle


Wheeler Dealer - Autos Unlimited - Classic Autos & Parts Magazines

Recently some of you received the NEWS RELEASE from TRADER, that they have immediately stopped all printed versions of their magazines and July being the last.


Keep your print advertising ALIVE! Don't miss one month! This could be devastating for you. Nagle Publications magazines will not leave you hanging and out of the public eye. We understand your business and respect our customers' needs. We believe our magazine and website work together and compliment each other. Did you know we offer advertising rates that include both the magazine and web site at one low price? Nagle Publications magazines are on newsstands across the U.S. and Canada and that last year we were up over 23% in paid circulation and in additional newsstand coverage. This far exceeded any other like title in our category, while others went down. Nagle Publications magazines and Trader had the same National Newsstand Distributor. With Trader going out of business with their newsstand magazines, Nagle Publications has been given Traders newsstand locations, we already had one of the largest newsstand coverages before, now we will have the largest newsstand coverage available.

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What's this mean for you, you can keep your advertised vehicles and your business in front of potential buyers and in the printed version, consumers still want. Phoenix Automotive research shows that more than 80% of consumers still use magazines like Wheeler Dealer to find vehicles, along with online sources. We offer magazine advertising and our web site both at ONE LOW PRICE. We've launched our new and revised Web Site, and it has the best of features of all other sites combined into our new Web Site.

Come be a partner in business with us and we will together develop a strong marketing resource for your business. We already have been in contact with many of Trader advertisers in placing their ads and keeping the newsstands a part of their business. Our deadlines are the first of the month and soon approaching. We are taking advertisers for the next month on a first come, first serve basis. Overwhelming ad placement demands, from previous Trader advertisers are being handled as best as we can, so please don't waste any time. We will do our very best to get every single ad in and want to help all advertisers not to miss one issue.

Call 1-800-458-8980 or email for more information.

Wheeler Dealer

Our listings will now appear only on Wheeler Dealer!

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